Hospitality b&bMaGiC

Arrival and Departure

As a rule, the B & B Magic, being a structure family is closed from 23 to 7, in this time it is not possible to check-in, check-out, so any need for arrival or departure in these hours must be agreed at the time of reservation. As a rule, in these times can fall freely only guests already accommodated as they come with keys.

The leaving day you have to check out by 10.00


Living space

The living/small living room/library has mini-fridge, TV, Internet access, entry phone/ intercom.


The service includes: tiding up and cleaning of the rooms, change of linen twice-weekly, hair drier, toilet products.


The kind of breakfast (Italian breakfast, English breakfast or whatever you wish) has to be demanded when you book and however agreed the evening before.
For who is interested, also local and fresh food will be provided.

Breakfast times is 7.00-9.30

Any time change dates must be agreed at the time of booking and may imply an additional cost. In case of departure in the early morning the bill has to be paid  the evening before.



All the rooms allow the possibility of an extra bed and have different ways of air-conditioning..


What really is a B&B

The B & B (bed and breakfast) is a hospitality solution that has always existed in the English-speaking world: in essence it is a family that makes available to paying guests a part of the bedrooms (no more than 3), bathrooms (at least 1 every 2 bedrooms but possibly one for each room) and a room for breakfast and a common living room, all inside the house of residence. These rules are set by laws both national and regional.

This activity is all done by family members, the money that comes out is not subject to VAT but is a different income of the individual holding. Tax receipts are still deductible delivered to customers.

As in all families, there are commitments, rhythms, organizations, the private all customs.

All other accommodation (hotels, inns, hostels, guest houses, garni, meubleu holiday homes, country houses etc.), even if they offer bed and breakfast service and define themselves B&B, they’re NOT B&B, but they’re enterprises subject to VAT with employees and coverage within 24 hours.

All this to say that you agree with the your. Arrival time, breakfast, departure is not our strength but the only way to reconcile the most of our needs with the your, all within the general rules you will find written in our website.

Certainly we will do our best to satisfy you and make you live x friendly experience, cozy and family; if we will ask you some time x compromise will be able to offer you our best when we are present!

Grateful understanding

Maurizia, Nicholas, Barbara of the B & B Magic staff